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i’m back…

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its was long ago that i wrote down here that i was going to kick start the year 2008 with a bang and this is sure one hell of a soft bang… hardly a bang i would say. But I’m back… at least that’s a start right.. many things had been happening lately… Imissed an opportunity in applying for a job in a fashion merchandising company, a rather important and famous one here in Malaysia. Just when i got serious about it and they closed the job application. It was rather a sad day for me when i found out. Well the job hunt continues. 

I’ve manage to sew a scarf or rather a… wait I’m not sure whats its called. I’m sure its not a scarf, that sound a bit girlie for something a guy would wear around his neck. this i would consider my first foray into the serious world of fashion. I’m planning to construct this new dress i design. I’ll post some pictures up when its done.  


Written by yogendrakumar

May 18, 2008 at 2:20 pm