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A Friend Too Much?

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Friendship between men and women has always met with mixed remark when discussed.┬áIs it hard for men and women to have a normal platonic relationship? When a guy cares for another lady, where is the line to how much should he care for her as a friend? Is a friendship between man and woman the same as a couple just minus the sex and romance? Would it be wrong for a guy to romance a lady without anything physical or sexual and yet remain friends. These question would leave even Einstein baffled so i am not going to even try answering them. Futhermore is does not effect me in anyway since i’m don’t belong to any of the category above.

Recently, a female colleague of mine ended a close friendship of 13 years after the guy confessed to having feelings for her all along. She was bursting in tears when i walked into her room and i just stood there and froze. I stood there a while thinking what to say but left since i tought she just needs sometime to herself. When she explained the situation to me, i was searching for the right thing to say but i didnt know what. Loosing a friend like this must hurt in ways i can’t think of. What was the right thing to say?


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May 28, 2008 at 6:44 am

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