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An affair to remember.

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The whole reason my family made the trip down south to Singapore was to attend my brothers registration of marriage.

And as always, i was assigned family stylist by noneother then myself. I’m glad i could help everyone be their best on that special day. You can see me in action helping my mom out with her makeup. I also helped her with her hair. I’m getting the hang of using velcro rollers now. I also helped my mom trim her hair so that she’s have more layers to it which would really help bring out the curls on different layers. As a result she looked beautifull. My younger bro looked polished with his purple shirt which he and myself went looking for it high and low. I was very particular in looking for that exact colour and when we finnally found it, we were so pleased to know it was on sale. So basically our efforts paid off really well. As for dad i wanted him to try a sleek striped shirt which would complement my moms outfit. As for the cople of the day, i’ll lets the pictures speak for themselves. Just so you know i had nothing to do with their outfits for the day!

The food that night was not bad. It was a mix of Itallian, Western,Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisines. That’s a lot right? Well it was a good mix i have to say. There were pasta with seafood marinara sauce, teriyaki chicken, roasted lamb with brown sauce, soft shell crab with chicken floss, japanese tofu cooked in a thai style gravy, chinese style veggies and some seafood starters with salads. All in all, it was a great night as i had a chance to see my parent on the dance floor in action for the first time.


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October 14, 2008 at 4:55 pm

Green + Gold Combination…

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green + gold

Ta da!

This, i would like to be known as my first official attemp at styling someone, (its my mom actually nonetheless i treated her like how any professional would :P) the occasion was for a relations 60th birthday celebration. I styled her from head to toe, including her hair, make up, clothes and accessories.

01. The front and back view of the not bad at all for a first time hair do. I’ve never used velcro hair rollers before so i had my reservations but i must say i’m very pleased with the result. Not much heat was applied which is good for the hair. All i did was blow dry the damp hair, which an anti frizz hair serum was applied to before since her hair tend to be frizzy. After drying, i placed curlers in place and allowed it to set overnight. Refer to this tutorial for guidance (they used hot rollers but i tried it with velcro ones ). A simple process which took me about an hour to do.

02. The rattan clutch which is suitable for any day functions or even night functions depending on how you match and pair it with the whole look. Since it was a day affair it not suitable to carry a flash or heavily embellished clutch.

03. & 04. Inspiration came from these beautiful clutches from Kotur. They come in a variety of colour but the natural wood colour ones are the best.

05. The Basket Bag my mom used to carry to work when she was a teacher back in her younger days. It is still in good condition except its missing a cover which was removed to re-use it now as a flower arrangement basket. How creative.

06. A full body shot pose. The shoes were so sweet.

07. Mom and Dad at home posing for me.

08. Mom at the birthday party looking beautifull then ever.

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June 16, 2008 at 10:39 am

Counting down to the weekends!

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This weekend will be an eventfull one. Putting my design and stylist skills to good use. The victim none other then my beloved mother. But i’m sure she’ll have a blast of a time herself. Mom grew up with 5 boys in her family and with her own family she had 3 boys. She’s been surrounded by boys and you can’t blame her if its rubbed of her a little.. but looking back from the photos’s of her back in her younger days i cant helf but admire her sense of style. Shoe may not be a fashionista back then but somehow she has a sense of style. I will post the picture up sometime soon. She has this red rattan basket like bag she used to carry to work and i have to say i like her sense of style.. but its sad that i dont see that side of her now but i’d like to see it come out.. My mom is almost 60 and if i can tastefully style her and help her find that person she was once before… then i know where i stand with my skill.. i will post up pics of my weekend escapades next week.. till then i shall be excited as ever.. 🙂

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June 5, 2008 at 4:53 am