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Should I be back?

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It’s about half a year since i was in here rambling about something, and life been pretty tough these past few months, lots of downs and lows. The second half of the year shall not be a reflection of the first haf, in fact it shud be exactly the opposite. Ok maybe not all of it, just maybe the bad parts. I’ve had enough of depressing moment and need to get off this sinking ship. A change is in order but most importantly the courage first to make that change happen and the determination to keep that change in motion. Enough of hiding behind computer screens and drowning sorrow in food.

Works been bad. Start up companies are always a rick cos u never know if they can make it or not. It was a good risk in the beginning i tought until things get bad. So much for calculating risks. I’m reaching closer to breaking that nerve and just drop everything and flee away just to get somewhere peaceful to gather my toughts. Going out on my own, not having to leave my fate to other but take it into my own hands. It’s always been something i wanted to do but i’m also reasonable enoug hto know i cant make it happen anytime soon, i’m not fully prepared and i need more time. Until then i should learn the art of being patient. Looking at how life throws all these difficult painfull moments at a friend and seeing her take those in stride and making it work for her just gives me the inspiration i need.

A visit to an indian astrologer recently gave me hope. Now normally i would laugh at the things they would tell me about my future, this guy read me like a book. He assured me i was on the right path and for a short time i felt really peaceful someone could actually relate or at least feel what i was going through.

Why do people feel the need to live their lives in the eyes of others? Why are we afraid of what people have to say? Are we so afraid how people jusge us? I dont know why but it really bothers me when i need to hold myself of expression my happiness or sadness just so people dont jusge us for it?

I’m determined to change and change i will.


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July 19, 2009 at 7:57 am

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Financial Planning For The Year 2009!

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It’s the new year and many of us would have come up with a long long long list of resolutions to works towards and achieve for the year 2009. Now i’m no different, infact i can assure that one of the top 5 to do item in the list has something to do with our finances. It’s either saving up, earning more or spending less/wisely. Now how many of us can truely say by end of every year we actually achieve doing it ? (I know a certain Ms. Ng Joanne who would be able to but for the rest of us humans?)

 I came across some interesting websites while reading an article title – Resolved: This Year, I’ll Keep More Cash . These website help with your financial planning. It’s like having your own personal financial planner i guess. Now i have yet to try any of their services but am really keen on trying it out. Their services are offered for free which is really great. I shall be posting up sometime later when i’ve tried their services. 




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January 15, 2009 at 11:37 pm

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2009 is here!!!

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Just a quick short post wishing everyone a splendid year ahead, may we all be blessed with plenty of fortune, good luck, and great health!

I shall be back to posting more content soon…. Till then adios!!!

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January 13, 2009 at 5:38 am

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Mamma Mia – The Movie

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Mamma mia was certainly a musical i’ve really enjoyed watching since in a long while. It was very entertaining and i was certainly surprised that Meryl Streep could sing so well. It was refreshing to see her play a role that’s fun and free spirited since the last i watched her in Devil Wears Prada. The cast was great excapt for Pierce Brosnans singing or croaking as i would like to think so.. no offence but i think it certainly added charachter to the movie.

Besides the cast, the songs are the main higlight of the movie or rather musical and it is much better in my opinion when compared to the original ABBA version. Meryl Streep again was great. Not only a great actress but a talented singer as well. I can’t seem to stop complementing her.

Tough there were part’s of the movie which i tought were not completely well tought out, for instance if she really was that much in love with Pierce Brosans characther how could she date not just one but two guys in such a short time. And i didn’t quite understand why it took Colin Firths charachter this long to figure out his true sexual identity? He had to come all the way to a remote island to meet another guy and falls in love to only realise it? Were there no cute guys back where he came from? The wedding ceremony was another part of the movie i tought was a bit weird. After all it’s just a movie i guess. And there was a happy ending to for all of them. So what the heck, i still wouldnt mind going to watch it again. 

This is my absolute favourite of all the songs. It’s sang with a lot of passion and emotion. It certainly brings a tear in my eye everytime i hear it. (Darmin you were the one sobbing in the cinema not me OK!!)

Mamma Mia The Movie – The Winner Takes It All

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October 15, 2008 at 4:31 pm

An affair to remember.

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The whole reason my family made the trip down south to Singapore was to attend my brothers registration of marriage.

And as always, i was assigned family stylist by noneother then myself. I’m glad i could help everyone be their best on that special day. You can see me in action helping my mom out with her makeup. I also helped her with her hair. I’m getting the hang of using velcro rollers now. I also helped my mom trim her hair so that she’s have more layers to it which would really help bring out the curls on different layers. As a result she looked beautifull. My younger bro looked polished with his purple shirt which he and myself went looking for it high and low. I was very particular in looking for that exact colour and when we finnally found it, we were so pleased to know it was on sale. So basically our efforts paid off really well. As for dad i wanted him to try a sleek striped shirt which would complement my moms outfit. As for the cople of the day, i’ll lets the pictures speak for themselves. Just so you know i had nothing to do with their outfits for the day!

The food that night was not bad. It was a mix of Itallian, Western,Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisines. That’s a lot right? Well it was a good mix i have to say. There were pasta with seafood marinara sauce, teriyaki chicken, roasted lamb with brown sauce, soft shell crab with chicken floss, japanese tofu cooked in a thai style gravy, chinese style veggies and some seafood starters with salads. All in all, it was a great night as i had a chance to see my parent on the dance floor in action for the first time.

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October 14, 2008 at 4:55 pm

A trip down south!!!

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It has been awhile i’ve been away from posting any updates here. Today i’m gonna make some time to post up some pictures i took on my trip to Singapore.

I have to say, Singapore is a place just alike Malaysia, we have all the same elements of a melting pot with people of different race, religion and culture whom also share the same lifestyle as us yet it really felt like i was walking into a new environment. Flats cover the skyline every corner i look. Its looks neat and well placed. Another thing i really liked is how the Government there preserves the old colonial building. But what really caught my attention was this huge almost black futuristic designed building which i later found out was LASALLE College of the Arts. We happened to stay very near by this building hence i had the chance of taking a closer look at it. I was really blown away. Why don’t we see more buildings like this in Malaysia?

For most of the trip down there we spent all our time in SIngapore’s Little India as brother and his fiancee had some wedding stuff to look at. I had a chance to go shopping with mom for saree’s. We went to most of the saree shops looking for some really interesting colours and designs. I manage to dig out some cool colours and we finally decided on a really uniquely designed purple saree. I was not happy with the choices the sales man was showing us.. they really havent a clue… i had to go behind the counter and start digging out the choices i tought were best. We also bought another saree which was picked out by Darmin (younger brother). A dark green coloured one which i think was a brilliant choice as it looked really regal. The sights in Little India is vibrant with colours and just buzzing with activity.

And not to miss out on the good food they had there. The indian restaurants served basically what all other indian shop serves. Nothing out of the ordinary but nonetheless the food was good. Chaat is referred to the street food or street snack thats available all over India. We had a chance to savour these snacks in a restaurant setting and it was quite interesting. The varying textures and flavours was a real delight. It’s more of a comfort food or snack for me esspecially those toasted buns served with warm potatoe cubes cooked in spices served with a dallop of ghee and some fresh cucumber.

This was the spread we had one of the mornings for breakfast, chinese dim sums. They were fairly ok i guess. Again nothing to shout about. Afterall it’s not like we went hunting for the best dim sum in town. We just picked the nearest foodcourt since we wanted plenty of time to prepare ourself for the big event that night. I did enjoy the scrambled egg with oyster tough, it wasn’t slimy and mushy as some places serve them.

A dish so synonymous with Singapore is Chili Crabs. Everyone goes crazy when you mention it. I think is all crabshit cos my moms crab curry beats those chili crabs anyday. Luckily for me my mom will be cooking it the next when i go home. Yummy! But the dishes we had at the riverside restaurant were good enough i guess.. everyone else seemed to be enjoying the crabs which i tought lacked in taste.

So it looks like i’ll just have to wait for another 2 weeks before i pack my bags and head back home for a few days of blissfull comfort home cooked food and some much need sleep. Good night for now.

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October 13, 2008 at 4:39 pm

A stormy awakening!!

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It has been some time now i haven’t been updating my blog. Past few weeks have been busy but somewhat eventfull. I had the clear off any outstanding jobs for my former company and was busy at my new office as well. In between, i had a short trip to Singapore to attend my brothers registration of marriage (ROM) to his college sweetheart. It was a nice dinner at this beautiful place which looks much better in the night when it was darker since you couldnt see the unsightly tiny bits stuff floating on the waters by the seashore. Yeah a romantic outdoorsy place by the sea. Congratulations to both of them!

On a more serious note :P, as if i need to mention anymore, i assumed the role of a personal stylist to my family. Will be posting the pictures for that on another posting. As well as a few more functions that my family attended where i lend a magical touch to my mom.

For now that shall be all. I’ll be back with pics soon..

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September 22, 2008 at 7:21 am